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14 Oct

Welcome to Guidemytreatment!

Homeopathy embraces and encourages the natural healing force that resides within all of us. Homeopathy stimulates the body to heal itself by addressing imbalances in the body which lead the patient to their diseased state. It honors the role symptoms play in the individual; both being illustrative of an imbalance in the body and at the same time exemplifying the body’s attempt at cure. It restores true harmony in the body by first understanding how the body is out of balance and as well the ways in which the body is also trying to heal it self, thus encouraging and honoring healing as initiated in the patient.

As steeped as homeopathy is in it’s history, it is also as new today as it will be relevant tomorrow! The simplicity yet true effectiveness of this noble healing art speaks to all generations. It is in itself timeless, yet always timely. It is healing the way nature intended!

Welcome to a journey of true healing; a journey that first explores and tries to understand that which ails us, then secondly determines what is then needed to heal us. Welcome to an odyssey of self-discovery, of enlightenment and a true understanding of all that it means to be well!

What is homeopathy:

Homeopathy is a complete and holistic system of medicine that considers the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the individual. It treats the whole person, not just the disease, and has a remarkably effective approach to restoring health and vitality.

Within this context, homeopathy has the ability to treat most modern-day acute and chronic complaints.

Acute complaints include colds, coughs, earaches, sore throats, injuries and fevers. Chronic complaints require a more detailed case analysis of the patient’s mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Common chronic complaints that homeopaths frequently and successfully treat include arthritis, asthma, skin conditions, digestive problems, emotional problems, depression, migraine and menstrual imbalances.

Though the range of diseases treated is very wide, the experience of being treated leaves the patient feeling better in themselves and able to make beneficial changes in their lives as a result of improved health.


Homeopathy is a system of medicine that stimulates the body to heal itself and it does so by addressing imbalances in the body which lead the patient to their diseased state. Homeopathic medicine is ideally suited in the treatment of any imbalance in the body stemming from either a mental, emotional and /or physical issue. Homeopathy is a causative based medicine treatment is focused on resolving the cause to the symptom(s) rather than just solely eliminating the symptom itself.

Chronic vs. Acute Conditions

  • Chronic Conditions: Speak of mental, emotional and/or physical conditions that are slower in their onset, less immediate in intensity, longer in duration and more encompassing of the body as a whole.
  • Acute Conditions: Speak of mental, emotional and/or physical conditions that are quick in their onset, marked in intensity, yet of limited duration and more localized to specific area(s) of the body.

Integrated Wholistic Anti-Aging Therapy

Guidemytreatment offers an Integrated Wholistic Anti-Aging Therapy designed to retard, offset and/or eliminate signs of aging… naturally.

Aging doesn’t just happen. It is the end result of continued exposure to aging factors that wreak havoc on us mentally, emotional and/or physically. The sooner these aging factors can be addressed and neutralized, the less overall damage (and hence aging) will occur.

  • This therapy integrates an wholistic approach to the causes of aging in the individual by first… addressing nutritional and dietary imbalances and/or deficiencies that may be attributing to the physical aging of the body. Physical issues (arthritis, chronic fatigue, depleted adrenals, menopause, under active thyroid, weight gain etc.) are assessed either nutritionally, homeopathically or through supplementation.
  • and by secondly… reviewing any mental and/or emotional factors (anxiety, mental deterioration, stress, worry etc.) that may be attributing to mental aging and treating these concerns homeopathic.

The Integrated Wholistic Anti-Aging Therapy includes:

A complete Homeopathic, nutritional and/or dietary review of any physical imbalances… with constructive recommendations designed to induce positive change in the physical body.

  • A thorough homeopathic assessment and treatment of any mental, emotional issues that may be contributing to aging.
  • Analgesic / Anti-inflammatory / Anti-edemic Supplementation… Antioxidant Supplementation
  • Body Cleansing (Blood / Kidneys / Liver / Systemic)
  • Exercise Recommendations
  • Menopausal Supplementation
  • Natural Weight Supplementation

Homeopathy – a healthcare choice for everyone

Guidemytreatment works to make homeopathy available for everyone through providing useful and factual information but also through supporting education and research. Its supporters and healthcare professionals throughout the year. We often work with the Faculty of Homeopathy, and other allied organisations to deliver interesting and informative events regarding homeopathy, complementary healthcare, navigating the healthcare system, and other health related topics.

Find a homeopath

You might want to speak to a number of homeopaths in your area before making an appointment, to find out their fees, availability and experience. Some homeopaths may also use other methods of healing; if they do, we would advise that you check they have insurance cover for the additional therapies.

All registered homeopaths Specialist in this list-

Guidemytreatment are proud to be part of the global homeopathic community and work hard to provide a fast and responsive service to our customers. All our remedies and products are backed by friendly, expert advice from our team of qualified homeopaths to help you use homeopathy with confidence.


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